About Us

About Us
  • CA Global HR is part of the CA Global Headhunters Group.
  • Our philosophy is based on providing professional and personalized services to our clients through knowledge of their business, principles and culture.
  • CA Global HR expertise includes Francophone and Portuguese countries and we have an in-depth knowledge of the following sectors: Mining, Oil & Gas, Banking, Finance, Telecoms, IT, Engineering, Construction, Power and Energy, FMCG/Manufacturing, Medical, Hospitality and Tourism, Executives, Procurement, and Management.
  • Our solutions are flexible and optimized to suit your project requirements and budget.
  • Our web integrated technology provides HR solutions that reduce overall project costs.
About our Team
  • Our HR team comes with a pedigree of actually working in industry at senior management level.
  • With international experience covering Europe, MENA (Middle East and North Africa), and Asia; working in the Oil & Gas, Civil Construction and Mining industries.
  • It is all in a day’s work for our team of specialists.
  • We have experienced the difficulties of successfully managing businesses in the international arena.
  • Our goal is your goal; to work together to help you produce a trained workforce leading to a successful and profitable project.
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