With 2012 upon us what is your strategy for the year? Have you made your New Year’s resolutions? Have you made specific goals regarding your and/or your company’s future?

As we know resolutions are meant to be broken only because we make them too difficult in the first place. The best way to keep them is to take them one step at a time. Break them down into manageable bites and set milestones so that you can cross them off as you achieve them. Doing so gives greater satisfaction and ensures that you stay on track.

One of our New Year’s resolutions is to help you with your career by finding the right job for you and by doing so we also achieved another; providing the right manpower for you, our clients. We managed to do this last year very successfully in all divisions. So trying to get two of our busy divisional directors to speak to us was not an easy task. Nevertheless we did manage it and here is what they have got to say.

Our director of mining Vivienne Gower says she achieved this by communicating closely with client and candidate, see her comments below.

“2011 has proved to be an exciting year for CA Mining. With all the enquiries we received from clients it was evident that Africa would be where the next iron ore boom will be!  CA Mining has been heavily involved in supplying multiple projects with various technical skills to support these projects. There has been a fair amount of obstacles as Africa has never really had the opportunity to produce candidates with widespread and specific iron ore experience. This has pressed us to dig deeper into zones where countries that have a history of iron ore developments such as South Africa, Australia and South America. Due to the fact that there are several iron ore projects on the go at simultaneous stages, players in the industry have had to relook at their retention strategies in order to hold onto their critical skills. CA Mining has played a pivotal role in guiding our clients on attracting the right candidates in order to see through their projects as smoothly as possible. In this industry time misused is money lost.

Exploration Geologists have been a continuous mandate throughout the international mineral exploration industry and our clients have come to realise the importance of culture fit. It is has been a critical factor that candidates need to be able to transfer knowledge of skills onto their colleagues and this is where language is the vital element.  Our work has taken us mainly to West and Central Africa where French and Swahili are huge contributing factors to the success of expatriates operating in Francophone countries.”

Eugenio Maggi director of the Oil and Gas division told us.

“We are certainly confident and are ready to face the challenges of finding top talent going forward!  We were extremely busy in 2011 breaking records every month, towards the last quarter of 2011 it was evident that oil companies were holding onto their talent as there is a shortage in the field of operations.  It proved tough for us to find the right candidates for the right role but we achieved it. This was due to a great team and sheer perseverance. Since our inception we have been recognised by both client and candidate for those characteristics and therefore we satisfied both parties. This was just one of our 2011 New Year’s resolutions that we took step by step each month and of course will be one of our 2012 ones.”

Eugenio goes on to say;” It is definitely going to be a challenging year ahead but we are ready! Most of our Exploration & Production companies have set up programs to begin in the first to second quarter of 2012.  This obviously has filtered through to the Contractors who are confident that 2012 is going to boom”

Our director of CA Global HR Richard Wilding says

“This new division has been created as a result of client enquires to provide assistance with HR issues. This may be by assisting with development of policies and procedures to providing key HR professionals to assist in setting up and managing work forces in Africa. Another arm of the division is following requests for RPO’s; providing teams of experienced personnel for the client’s projects. This way of managing projects is relatively new to Africa but is growing quickly. Why, because it is cost effective and efficient. Richard expects 2012 to be a challenging and fruitful year as they are already in talks with clients.”

So the New Year appears to be very bullish with confidence in two major markets. For the job seeker we say take a close look at your CV and update it and make sure we get a copy. For the clients we say don’t miss out on good candidates. Remember in a bullish market there are many competitors for candidates. To fill your requirements successfully and ensure a win win scenario speak to us early.  The sooner we are involved the better it is for all concerned.

Let us help you achieve your New Year’s resolution

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