Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

CA Global HR is your first stop for a fully outsourced Recruitment function in the African Mining, Construction, Power/Energy and Oil and Gas markets.  We have a dedicated team experienced in the development of Recruitment policies and procedures as well as managing the end to end Recruitment Process (including vendor management) allowing your Strategic Management and HR teams more time and flexibility to focus core business issues.

CA Global HR’s RPO service is tailored to your specific needs but to ensure an efficient and more effective service we recommend our Direct Recruitment Methodology supported by our Vendor Management service.

The Direct Recruitment Methodology will provide you with an experienced HR professional (acting as a Recruiter and On-Site Coordinator) based at your site of operations and will work with HR and Senior Management Teams in the development of Recruitment Policies, Process and Procedures, Recruitment SLA’s and on-boarding.

The On-Site Coordinator will also be your link to CA Global’s experienced recruitment teams who, through our international candidate networks, CV database mining and direct advertising skills, have all the necessary tools to source and attract the best global talent available thus ensuring successful completion of all your operational projects.

Whilst we encourage and promote the use of the Direct Recruitment Methodology, CA Global HR recognises the value of external vendors especially when considering hard to fill positions.  Our Vendor Management service will develop new working relationships with Recruitment Vendors whilst nurturing current relationships, allowing you to create a cost effective and robust Recruitment Preferred Supplier List (PSL)

For further information and to discuss how CA Global HR can address your organisational recruitment needs, please contact us.

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